Watch Dogs 2 Repack Poll

Uploading Obama

Here’s the deal. I have the repack of WD2 in my dockyard ready for internal tests. Unlike all other repacks already available, it’s the smallest in the world (~16.4/16.7 GB for any single language) but of course – thanks to a one good guy (he prefers to stay anonymous just yet), who’ve made the proper repacking tools.

But I have some doubts. This repack has two modes of installation: one is not bit-perfect, but faster (around 30 minutes on a generic PC, faster on SSD) and another one is much slower (around 1 hour + up to 2 hours for Ultra Textures add-on, 4.1 GB), but is bit-perfect mode.

Alternatively, I can make generic repack with a size of around 18-something GB, as all other ones – installation time of it will be 10-15 minutes. The small difference is due the game’s resources: more than half of it’s size are eaten by uncompressible audio and video files.

So, please vote, what would you prefer. I must remind you, that I never take poll results as a direction, but use it for consideration. So don’t expect that the winning option will produce the elected repack.

One more time, for most illiterate users: BOTH repacks are bit-perfect. Smaller has 2 modes – bit-perfect and fast, larger (if I make it) will have ONLY bit-perfect mode.

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