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Gameranger is a platform for playing on the Internet through a virtual LAN. In simple terms – the same as Hamachi, but specifically tailored for the game. There is a certain automation of the process. Something similar to Garena.

Account registration occurs during installation. Do not forget to specify a real e-mail, it will be easy for your friend to find you.
Gameranger can easily recognize the games installed on your computer from among those that it supports. If you didn’t recognize it, reinstall the game, or write it in the registry manually.
Supports over 700 games

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How to use:

fter installing the program,
1) Create a room ( Host button ). Choose a game and the number of seats in the room. Do not forget to check that there is a daw on allow late joiners. This will allow other players to leave your room, and with it the server, and join it later.
2) If you are Host, then when you click “start”, you and all participants will start the game, and will automatically enter the local network menu in the game.
3) Add to friends the one with whom you want to play using the search by e-mail. To see you on his friend list, he must do the same with you.
You can download the GameRanger client on the official website.